Diesel Engine Management


Diesel Engine Management

Anglo Belgian Corporation diesel engine with Heinzmann components

For more than 100 years, HEINZMANN has been driving forward the technological developments in diesel engine management. Ever since, our expertise and innovativeness have served to optimise engine performance and reduce operational costs as well as the impact on the environment. Well-known manufacturers work together with HEINZMANN to develop sophisticated control systems for medium-sized and large diesel engines. Dealing with all engine types and technologies, HEINZMANN are specialists in control technology for both mechanical and electronic injection, and offer complete common rail systems. Find out more about our portfolio:

Systems and components


Positioner with rotary actuator StG 2080-PControl systems for mechanical fuel injection
comprised of digital controllers and analog controllerstogether with actuators or integrated governors as well as sensors


EFI controller MVC03EFI controllers for electronic fuel injection
as part of common rail or E-PPN injection systems


High Pressure Pump HDP-K4Common rail systems
including all key components like high-pressure pumpsand fuel injectors  as well as EFI controllers


EGR valveEmission control systems
for exhaust gas recirculationDPF regeneration andselective catalytic reduction


cylinder pressure monitoring CPM-500 Engine monitoring and safety systems
for early problem detection through precise monitoring of oil mistbearing temperaturesliding bearings andcylinder pressure


DcDesk software for communication and parameterization Supplementary hardware and software
for communication, parameterization and  I/O extension