Power Plants & Generator Sets Management


Genset and Power Management

With over 50 years experience in combustion engine control technology, the HEINZMANN group are specialists in generator control solutions - whether in island or mains parallel operation, for single or group genset applications. The systems have been applied to diesel, gas, dual fuel and heavy fuel engines, from single operation to multi-generator installations. Applications range from power stations in hospitals, banks, airports and water treatment works to mining sites throughout the world. 
The scope of functions includes

Genset with HEINZMANN genset control system

  • Monitoring and protection of engine and generator
  • Active and reactive load control
  • Start / stop sequence control
  • Synchronising
  • Fuel selection
  • Power metering
  • Engine speed control
  • Voltage control
  • Communications for remote control, monitoring via different protocols

Systems and components

Genset Controller THESEUS DGM-02 Full range of components for digital genset management


Genset Potentiometer ESW-01Controllers and accessories for analog genset controlas well as setpoint potentiometers and power supplies


Display for genset control panel ARGOSCommunication interfaces for digitally controlled gensets in combination with HEINZMANN's communication software or interfaces for analog genset controllers.


Power Management System REGULATEURS EUROPAPower Management Systems by REGULATEURS EUROPA






















Turbine Controls

Turbine ControlsWe can supply electronic control panels for turbines, driven equipment and accessories. Generator, compressor and pump applications. Supervisory or station control panels in same style. Digital technology is used, affording the highest reliability and lowest cost of ownership. We offer a choice of PLC manufacturer so customers can benefit from their previous investment in spares and experience with a particular PLC family.

Our operator's interface consists of a touch screen colour graphic unit in which information on the various turbine systems is organised into selectable pages in numeric and graphic form. Sequence, mode control and set-point change may also be made on these pages. Alarms, trips and informative messages are colour coded, time stamped and listed in order of occurrence on annunciator pages.

We maintain a common approach to controls design for any make and type of turbine. Operators experienced with one of our systems will therefore find any of our other turbine applications familiar. We can offer panels for customer installation or as part of complete turnkey systems. Our systems are conservatively designed and consume little power usually from only 24VDC battery backed supplies.

We can also offer panels or subsystems certified for installation in hazardous areas. Application software supplied with ‘open’ access and all licences are transferred to customer. Fully automated systems designed for manned or unattended operation.
Options are easily possible for repeat and remote operators controls.